Cirque du Soleil Licensing: Marketing Presentation


THE CHALLENGE  Cirque du Soleil, a creative group with 18 touring and permanent shows all over the world, needed a master business tool to present and propose business opportunities to prospects at a famous Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. The presentation would introduce the brand and its licensing opportunities to attract potential partners. It had to be delivered within 30 days.


THE SOLUTION  Safira built creative yet concise presentation about Cirque du Soleil’s accomplishments, its direction and its vision about business expansion through partnerships. The presentation highlighted the types of business partners Cirque du Soleil was seeking and clearly outlined how these partnerships could be initiated.


THE BENEFIT Cirque du Soleil’s Licensing team now presents much more efficiently. This presentation helped jump-start business development conversations at the Licensing Expo and quickly gain traction with prospective partners.


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Cirque du Soleil Licensing: Brand Book


THE CHALLENGE The Cirque du Soleil Director of Licensing needed a master business document explaining in detail to potential business partners the various possibilities for licensing across all of its assets.


THE SOLUTION Safira lead the project and worked with CAA Studios to create a top quality 150-page licensing book highlighting the heart and direction of Cirque du Soleil Licensing. The book contained a look book which showcased Cirque du Soleil’s worlds, brand aspirations and associated possibilities.


THE BENEFIT The spectacular Brand Book became instrumental to Cirque du Soleil’s Licensing development activities. It supported the Licensing team in sharing the story of the brand in an inspiring yet precise, business-oriented manner. The book helped Cirque present on a new level at trade shows, eventually leading to millions of dollars in business deals.


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