Digital Dimension: Head of Marketing


THE CHALLENGE The owners of Digital Dimension needed a strategic head to provide direction and supervise all marketing and communications operations.  


THE SOLUTION Evelyne Ouellet acted as Digital Dimension’s VP of Marketing and handled planning through execution of all marketing elements. This included the creation of Digital Dimension’s mission, vision, positioning statement, brand values and manifesto, and the full development of its marketing plan. She also led the strategy of a new website to illustrate and support the new marketing direction. Evelyne worked with Executive Producers of Digital Dimension’s gaming, animation and VFX content.

THE BENEFIT Digital Dimension’s Management now has a well-defined brand strategy, an enhanced media presence and a clear path for all divisions to work in synergy towards a common goal.

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Digital Dimension: VFX Market Research


THE CHALLENGE Digital Dimension, a leading gaming, animation and VFX studio, needed a better comprehension of the evolving market for its VFX division.


THE SOLUTION Safira completed a full analysis of the VFX (virtual effects) entertainment industry. Safira evaluated key players’ positioning strategies, key messages, creative choices as well as their media plans. After conducting a thorough SWOT analysis, a set of strategic recommendations was presented to Digital Dimension.


THE BENEFIT The owners of Digital Dimension now have a clear understanding of the VFX marketplace, how the key players position themselves and the strategy they use to build their awareness and appreciation in the industry. They know exactly why top players are successful from a marketing standpoint and are able to determine the space they want to occupy in the market.


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