Scalefast:  Branding & Marketing Strategy for a global presence

THE CHALLENGE The digital team was a European based group; they wanted to position the company for growth in the United States with a strong value proposition branding.


THE SOLUTION Safira Entertainment developed the new company brand for the global market. The process included conducting a full market research leading to a new name, logo, compelling message, overhaul the company’s branding and go to market strategy.


THE BENEFIT Scalefast now has one of the strongest name and most powerful branding in both global & domestic markets. Its highly relevant branding helps attract its target clients and create new desirable business opportunities.



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Scalefast: Marketing Plan



THE CHALLENGE Scalefast needed a Marketing strategy that would align with its recently redefined business goals, along with a Marketing plan that could be followed easily and used strategically for future growth.


THE SOLUTION Safira established the key phases of the marketing plan in close connection with Scalefast’s leaders. The mandate included clarifying the target audience, defining the key message, pinpointing strategies and creating key actions and KPIs.


THE BENEFIT Scalefast now has a solid marketing strategy that is fully aligned with its aspirations. It also has a complete plan for marketing actions and business development. Scalefast’s sales efforts are supported by a sound marketing plan which enables it to increase sales revenue.


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